Dream Big with Recycle Studio + Katie B!

Please join Recycle Studio this Saturday for a special charity ride with Katie B to benefit Dream Big! A non-profit in Massachusetts that helps girls from low-income and homeless situations overcome financial barriers that prevent them from participating in sports and physical activities.  Dream Big! Equipment Grants, Program Scholarships, Sports Clinics and the Dream Big! Leadership Conferences have had a direct impact on over 5000 girls in need since 2010.  Registration is $35 a bike and all proceeds will go to Dream Big!

Rise ‘n Ride :: Anni’s tips to help you become an early bird!

Not an early bird?  Many of us weren’t either. Until we took our first morning ride and realized the feeling of fitting in a sweat before starting a busy work day is addictive.  Here are tips from Anni on how to help get yourself out of bed and onto the bike!


Tuck yourself in early. You can’t go to bed at midnight and expect to rise and shine at 5 a.m. with energy for a kick-butt morning workout. Get into the habit of going to bed early enough so you get at least eight hours of zzz’s.

Pack your gear in advance. Before bed, set out your clothes, grab a water bottle, and leave your kicks (and spin shoes) by the door. With everything ready and waiting, it will speed you on your way.

Do what’s necessary to wake up. Sometimes if I’m feeling particularly sleepy at night I’ll plug in my phone (also doubling as my alarm) across the room so that I have to get up out of bed to turn it off. Once I’m up, lights are on, and so is the music!

Use the buddy system. Have a friend who also likes to get their sweat on in the morning? Pick a class, put it in your iCal with alerts, and be there. You will hold each other accountable.

Make it non-negotiable. Make it a strict no snooze rule. When it comes to getting up for those 5:30am and 6:00am classes, getting up and out of bed is the hardest part of working out in the morning. Procrastinating and hitting the snooze button won’t do anything but make it more likely that you miss your workout.

I promise, getting up and getting after it in the morning is the best thing you can do to start your day – mentally and physically. You’ll feel so much better after. See you in the saddle my early birds!

XO, Anni #dawnpatrol

Drink Pink: Pamplemousse Juice

As we enter Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are ecstatic to announce a month long fundraising initiative with The Ripe Stuff. We are carrying a very special Pamplemousse Juice in the studio for all of October. Proceeds of this kale, spinach, cucumber, and grapefruit blend will benefit Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Young Women with Breast Cancer Program. The inspiration for this juice was a brave friend of the studio named Erin. We caught up with Erin in hopes that sharing her story would help raise awareness of breast cancer in young women and encourage all of our female riders to remember to do a self-check exam.


1. When were you diagnosed with breast cancer?

I was getting dressed the day after my 34th birthday and felt a lump in my breast. I called my gynecologist and she immediately referred me to get a mammogram and ultrasound, which ultimately revealed a mass. I had a biopsy a week later and got the results while on vacation with my mom and sister in Paris. While I was away, new patient coordinator, Judy O’Brien, did an amazing job assembling my ‘dream team’ to take care of me as soon as I got home.


2. How did you get involved in the Dana-Farber Young Women with Breast Cancer program?

I was introduced to the Program for Young Women with Breast Cancer on my very first appointment there. I used it at first primarily as a sounding board for questions (they have an online community) and then attended their annual Forum. There I met a friend Judy who has been my buddy ever since- someone who had my same diagnosis and was a year ahead of me in treatment.

3. What advice do you have for young women?

Know your body and be proactive about getting something checked out when things seem off! The fact that I felt a lump, got diagnosed two weeks later and had surgery 4 weeks later contributed to my great prognosis. 

4. Has fitness or nutrition played a role in your recovery?

I have always kept really healthy- exercising and eating well- but after my diagnosis that became more and more important. Food is my medicine and exercise keeps all my cells strong. It was hard after I was diagnosed when people would ask “are you going to change anything drastically?” I kept saying and thinking- no, I was pretty darn healthy. Some friends would say “the healthiest person they knew”. But even still, I knew I could make better choices about a few things- taking fish oil and Vitamin D every day, hydrating, drinking a few cups of green tea every day, being more careful about dairy and meat and ingesting hormones, getting good sleep, and changing up a few things in my home- lessening my use of plastic, choosing more organic skincare, and more natural cleaning products. I figure I better not put more stress on my body. I need all the fighting power I can get!


Erin and her team have been all-star fundraisers the past few months, already raising just over $24k through their participation in the Jimmy Fund Walk. Let’s help them smash their goal of $25k!

REFUEL: Pumpkin Parfait

During our hectic work weeks, finding time to make (and eat) a balanced breakfast can be tough. With a few ingredients from Trader Joe’s we were able to whip up this delicious pumpkin parfait in seconds. All of our favorite flavors of fall are in one little bowl and the protein packed greek yogurt is a great way to refuel after a morning ride!



  • 6 oz of vanilla greek yogurt
  • 1 tbs pumpkin butter
  • 1 tbs nut butter (we used cashew!)
  • 1/4 cup granola

Directions: Layer the yogurt, pumpkin, and nut butters in a bowl. Top with granola and enjoy!