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  Our bikes are stationary, but we are going places.

Many of our instructors have adorned themselves with their very own wearable art. For all of you wondering what the stories are behind these bodily masterpieces, we give you Tattoo Tuesday.


Kelly Whittaker‘s anchor is a tribute to one of her best friends who passed away too soon.

“We always used to say “just keep swimming”, which is why I picked an anchor. It’s a daily reminder to me that no matter what happens, just keep swimming – things will get better!”

Listen to the mustn’ts, child. Listen to the don’ts. Listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles, the won’ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me… Anything can happen, child. Anything can be. -Shel Silverstein


Ever wonder what our instructors are doing when they aren’t steaming up the studio? Our Recyclistas are social media butterflies and love to connect with riders on all levels. Follow these gals for the latest news about their rides and a little peek into their lives!


Aly Raymer

Twitter: @AlyRaymer

Instagram: @raymies



anniAnni Lierhaus

Twitter: @anni_lierhaus

Instagram: @anni_lierhaus



briannaBrianna Conroy

Twitter: @BriannaConroy6

Instagram: @briannaconroy



denvaDenva Jackson

Twitter: @missjackson725

Instagram: @denva725



elyseElyse Winer

Twitter: @elysefaith

Instagram: @elysefaith



emEmily Susen

Twitter: @EmboSlice

Instagram: @emboslice



julieJulie Hochfelder-Webman

Twitter: @JulieHochfelder

Instagram: @juliehoch



katieaKatie Andrews

Twitter: @katietherd

Instragram: @katietherd



kbKatie Barrett

Twitter: @kt_bee

Instragram: @kt_bee7



kellyKelly Whittaker

Twitter: @kweeezy227

Instagram: @kjw227



bucciLindsay Bucci

Twitter: @boochiewallie

Instagram: @boochiewallie



lydLydia Quinn

Twitter: @lydiaaarmstrong

Instagram: @lydiaaarmstrong



stephStephanie Hendricks

Instagram: @stephhersh19




recycleRecycle Studio


Instagram: @recycle_studio



This Recyclista has been tough as nails since age two and she certainly won’t let you slack off in the saddle now. Guess who!

REPLAY of the Week: Reboot w/ Anni

When you’re teaching at 5:30am, your playlist needs to give people more energy than a cup of coffee. Recyclista Anni wakes us up better than any Starbucks barista ever could. Here are some of her latest jams to get you through your hump day!

Restyle Your Workout

It’s Monday. We think that’s as good an excuse as any for a little afternoon retail therapy. Check out the newly launched Net-A-Sporter for looks that allow you to sweat in style. This fab site carries all of our favorite brands, including Nike and Live the Process, with sections devoted to every activity from running to sailing. We know you dress for success every day, so restyle your workout wardrobe and look chic in that saddle!


Emily is Hitting the Reset Button

You’ve heard me say it a million times in class going into a big sprint or a hill… “hit the reset button”. Mentally, physically, take a second to take a deep breath in and focus on what’s coming your way and how you’re going to tackle it. I find myself hitting that button every day… if I’m stressed about rushing around, if I’ve lost my keys, if I’m about to unleash my road rage on some innocent pedestrian or biker (still usually happens)… take a step back, hit the reset button.

Summer time in Boston is the best, but it also sneakily ends up being the most unhealthy time of the year for me. There’s more temptation to go out and grab drinks, dinner and ice cream, plus I’m back and forth between the Cape, my apartment is too hot to turn on my oven to cook.. the list adds up and it’s easy to get out of my normal healthy routine. Don’t get me wrong- apres spin Pinkberry is one of my favorite indulgences, but I’ve been doing it a littttle too often, and it’s time to hit the reset button on nutrition and get back on track with clean eating.

A few weeks ago, I met two very inspiring ladies, Ashley and Jody, at a WeWork women event (where our Owner and Operator Cate Brinch was also speaking). Ashley and Jody make up Team J&A, two nutrition coaches on a mission to change lives through the power of food. They’ve come up with a 14 Day Whole Food Detox, which helps men and women lose weight, gain energy, sleep better, stabilize moods, reduce sugar cravings, and overall teaches a lifestyle of eating clean, whole food, without deprivation. In other words, you eat the whole time (YAY!) – no fasting, no juicing, no pills, powders or potions. Just real food.

I decided that this detox is exactly what I need to get back into my groove of cooking and eating healthy. I signed up to do the detox not to lose weight, but to genuinely feel better. When you are fueling your body with good food instead of treating it like a garbage disposal, your bod shows you the love right back. You have more energy, you sleep better, you don’t feel bloated or lethargic after meals, you avoid the dreaded “food comas”- and your jeans fitting better is just an added bonus.

The next detox is starting July 20, and I’m prepping my kitchen and trying to recruit some buddies to hit the reset button with me. If you are looking to get back on track or hop on board the clean eating train for the first time to see the amazing things food can do for your body, I would love if you joined me! Registration ends July 13th, and you can sign up here: http://www.wholedetox.co

Y’all better gear up… I told you I’d have more energy, especially on the saddle.. don’t say I didn’t warn you ;)






This Recyclista has traded in her Halloween candy for protein shakes. Can you guess who this little M&M is?

No Shower? No Problem!

We all know that our classes work up a great sweat. So what happens when your #socialsweat turns into post-spin drinks and there’s no time to shower? We asked our resident fashionista-recyclista, Julie Webman, for tips on how to turn a sweaty mop into a stylish do!

  • Before class, put your hair up in a tight bun (the higher the better!) to create fewer ridges.
  • A tighter bun is better than looser (contrary to my scrunchie wearing mother’s advice!) as it prevents pieces from falling out of place and into neck sweat.


  • After your workout, let your hair dry a bit while it is still pulled back.
  • DRY SHAMPOO is my best friend. We love Lush’s No Drought powder. It smells like fresh citrus and is made from fresh, all natural, and cruelty free ingredients.


  • If you know you’ve got plans ahead of time, try to blow out your hair the night before. Blown-out hair bounces back quicker!
  • If all else fails, throw those locks up into a trendy top knot and hit the town!


Images via Pinterest & Instagram

Monday Motivation

A group of frogs was hopping through the woods. Suddenly, two of them plunged into a deep pit, which had been covered by loose grass and weeds. As the other frogs circled the pit, they quickly concluded that their amphibious friends were doomed. Frantically, the two unfortunate frogs began leaping with all their strength.

“Give it up,” their cohorts scolded them. “You are as good as dead.”

But still, the two frogs kept jumping.

After a half-hour, one of the trapped frogs became discouraged, curled up in a dark corner of the pit, and waited to die. But the other frog kept leaping, even though his companions above the pit continued to jeer at him.

Finally, with one mighty lunges the frog propelled himself to the top of the pit, grasping its rim, then pulled his way to safety.

“Wow! You sure have hops!” one of the surprised frogs shouted. “I guess it was good thing you ignored our taunts.”

The now-safe frog looked at his companions, a puzzled expression on his green face. Then, through a series of frog sign-language gestures, the creature explained to the others that he couldn’t hear. In fact, the frog signed, when he saw their frantic gestures and flapping frog jaws, he assumed they were encouraging him!

The lesson here: You can accomplish amazing feats when you turn a deaf ear – or two – to the discouraging words of negative-thinking naysayers.

- Excerpt from Life 101: How to Ace It

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