Q&A with Meredith DeJesus

If I’m not in the studio you’ll find me… In the court room…

If I’m not in spandex and cycling shoes… If I’m not in a suit, then I’m in some form of jeggings and something that allows for serious expansion. ;)

My favorite pre-workout snack… I can’t eat before I work out! But I’m a big fan of a banana and a Vitamin Water Zero post work out.

My favorite drink on a night out… Blue Moon with an orange if I’m drinking beer, otherwise a glass of Sauvingon Blanc.

If I had to make a single artist playlist… Britney — that girl makes music that’s made for jumping.

If I had to pick a favorite move… Jumps or isolations — its a tie.  The isolations are so good for your glutes, but I’m such a fan of jumps (and they make a class fly by).

My goal for my rides… To get sweaty. I want people leaving my classes drenched and totally wiped — and I want to be right there with you!

My goal for myself… As an instructor I try to make sure that I’m always checking into my class and that I am always on my A-game.  I think there is nothing more motivating than staring at someone who is working just as hard as you. When I take the other instructors classes I am always so motivated and impressed by how our RS Team pushes so hard throughout their ride, I think its really inspirational.

Quote I live by… “Nothing will ever work unless you do.”

Best advice I’ve gotten… My mom always says the following — in no particular order — all have served me well over the years:
1. Wash your hands before you eat anything.
2. Tell the truth.
3. Go with your gut.
You can find Meredith in the Studio on Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings!
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