Drink Pink: Pamplemousse Juice

As we enter Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are ecstatic to announce a month long fundraising initiative¬†with The Ripe Stuff. We¬†are carrying a very special Pamplemousse Juice in the studio for all of¬†October.¬†Proceeds of this kale, spinach, cucumber, and grapefruit blend will benefit Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Young Women with Breast Cancer Program. The inspiration for this juice was a brave friend of the studio¬†named Erin. We caught up with Erin in hopes that sharing her story would help raise awareness of breast cancer in young women¬†and encourage all of our female riders to remember to do a self-check exam.


1. When were you diagnosed with breast cancer?

I was getting dressed the day after my 34th birthday and felt a lump in my breast. I called my gynecologist and she immediately¬†referred me to get a mammogram and ultrasound, which ultimately revealed a mass. I had a biopsy a week later and got the results while on vacation with my mom and sister in Paris. While I was away, new patient coordinator, Judy O’Brien, did an amazing job assembling my ‘dream team’ to take care of me as soon as I got home.


2. How did you get involved in the Dana-Farber Young Women with Breast Cancer program?

I was introduced to the Program for Young Women with Breast Cancer on my very first appointment there. I used it at first primarily as a sounding board for questions (they have an online community) and then attended their annual Forum. There I met a friend Judy who has been my buddy ever since- someone who had my same diagnosis and was a year ahead of me in treatment.

3. What advice do you have for young women?

Know your body and be proactive about getting something checked out when things seem off! The fact that I felt a lump, got diagnosed two weeks later and had surgery 4 weeks later contributed to my great prognosis. 

4. Has fitness or nutrition played a role in your recovery?

I have always kept really healthy- exercising and eating well- but after my diagnosis that became more and more important. Food is my medicine and exercise keeps all my cells strong. It was hard after I was diagnosed when people would ask “are you going to change anything drastically?” I kept saying and thinking- no, I was pretty darn healthy. Some friends would say “the healthiest person they knew”. But even still, I knew I could make better choices about a few things- taking fish oil and Vitamin D every day, hydrating, drinking a few cups of green tea every day, being more careful about dairy and meat and ingesting hormones, getting good sleep, and changing up a few things in my home- lessening my use of plastic, choosing more organic skincare, and more natural cleaning products. I figure I better not put more stress on my body. I need all the fighting power I can get!


Erin and her team have been all-star fundraisers the past few months, already raising just over $24k through their participation in the Jimmy Fund Walk. Let’s help them smash their goal of $25k!

Get (h)Appy!

With new apps coming out each and every day, it can be easy to start filling up your iPhone screen. But which health and fitness apps are worth your precious storage space? Our phones are constantly in our hands, and technology is making it even easier for our health to be too! We asked our staff to weigh in on the wellness apps they love to use.
Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 3.34.31 PM

Ounces: Studio Manager, Anna-Ruth, uses this simple app to track her daily water intake. Just choose a goal, track your progress, and get reminders to keep hydrating throughout the day!



Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 3.35.09 PM


Map My Run: Instructor/marathoner, Kelly, swears by this running app. The GPS helps to track your mileage and pace, telling you exactly how fast you are going every mile. Of all of the running apps out there, this just might be the most accurate one.


Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 3.40.11 PM


Rise: Director of Team Relations and Registered Dietician, Katie A., recommends the Rise app. A personal nutrition expert provides feedback on your diet, habits, exercise, and overall lifestyle through pictures of your meals and real-time chat.


Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.36.25 PM


Nike Training Club: Instructor and trainer, Katie B., loves the 15, 30, and 45 minute workouts on this free app. Choose from over 100 full-body routines (complete with step-by-step demos) as a complement to your indoor cycling routine.



Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 3.41.25 PM


Recycle Studio: The best health and fitness app out there (we may be biased) is our very own! This app allows you to access¬†class schedules, read descriptions, and get studio locations and contact information. Save time and effort by¬†signing up for your favorite instructors’ rides at the touch of a fingertip!


All of these apps can be found in the iTunes app store… and the best part: they’re free!

Emily’s Whole Detox Recap

This Monday, along with a few other RS instructors (Elyse, Anni, Lindsay & Denva), I finished the 14 Day Whole Detox. As with any detox or cleanse, I definitely had my ups and downs, but overall, really enjoyed this program and am feeling 110% better than I did 2 weeks ago!


(Tom and I had some battles in the fridge. Kale vs. Beer)

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had been over indulging this summer, and was coming hot off a bachelorette party weekend in Austin when the detox kicked off. I felt great for the first 5 days- tons of energy, was sleeping better, and my skin cleared up. It was the motivation and push I needed to get back on track with eating well. Then Phase II began… this wasn’t as much fun.

The program is broken down into 3 phases: Phase I is the initial elimination when you cut out all processed foods and common allergens like dairy, added sugars, alcohol, gluten, corn and soy. Phase II is a “deeper cleansing” period where you cut out all animal protein and follow a vegan diet for 5 days. During Phase III, you slowly start adding back in dairy, gluten, caffeine to see how your system reacts.

I was nervous about the vegan phase to begin with. I followed a strict Paleo diet for 2 years, and still stick to it about 80% of the time, which means I hardly ever eat any grains or legumes. During the vegan phase, I was relying heavily on brown rice, quinoa, lentils, chickpeas, black beans, and tons of veggies. While these foods are still healthy and clean, my body does NOT respond well to large quantities of grains and legumes. I had zero energy, was sleeping 10-12 hours a night, was super bloated, my face broke out… there are more details that I’ll spare, but my body was not happy about the vegan portion. I ended up adding back in eggs and chicken after the third day, and I snapped back pretty quickly.

The 2 weeks flew by (minus the vegan portion, which felt like purgatory… sorry all vegan friends out there) and I learned a ton of new information about how to fuel your body in ways that work for you. I had never done an elimination diet like this, and it’s a great way to figure out what foods work best- and everyone is different. For me, it was a good reminder that my body functions best when I’m following a Paleo way of eating, while others may favor more of a vegetarian/vegan approach.

Besides getting tons of recipes, meal plans, shopping list, and general information about nutrition, my favorite part of the Whole Detox was doing it with friends and being accountable to a group of people going through the same things you’re going through. There was an active Facebook group from people all over the country participating in the detox (it’s a virtual program, so you don’t have to live in Boston), and I really felt like I was part of a team. Even though the detox has ended, we’ve all been sticking with it! It’s been a reminder that when you eat well, you feel good.

Team J+A have an upcoming program in August, and if you rally 2 of your friends to sign up with you, J+A will give all three of you 15% back once you register. Just send them an email (hello@teamjanda.com) once all three of you have registered to notify them.



(Because being a vegan with friends is better than being a vegan without friends) 

The program starts on August and you can register at www.wholedetox.co. Additionally ‚Äď they are hosting a full day Urban Retreat in Boston (on September) and if you‚Äôre a program alum, you‚Äôre invited for free. If you have any questions about the detox or want to hear more about our experiences, grab me, Denva, Lindsay, Elyse or Anni in the studio!

#LocalLove: Maple Water

With all of the sweating we do in the studio, we are always looking for new and delicious ways to rehydrate after a good reboot ride. That’s why our ears perked up when we heard about Maple Water, a completely natural and nutrient-rich beverage¬†brought to Boston¬†by two local triathletes. We had the chance to catch up with one of DRINKMaple‘s¬†founders and sports nutritionist, Kate Weiler, to learn¬†about the birth of Maple Water and why we should be giving it a try.


Q. Where did the idea for Maple Water first come from?

A. My triathlon training partner (and DRINKMaple co-founder), Jeff, and I were in Canada for a race and found a form of maple water in a coffee shop there. Always curious to try new health foods, we purchased some and instantly fell in love with the hydrating effects. After searching high and low when we got home, we realized there was nothing like it in the United States. Extensive research on both the beverage and maple industries and a lot of hard work brought us to our launch this past May. We got our first batch from maple trees in New Brunswick, Canada, but are making the moves to source our maple sap from New England trees for 2015.

Q. So what makes Maple Water different from any other sports drink on the market?

A. Maple Water isn’t created in a lab like many other sports drinks. We simply tap the trees for their sap, pasteurize it, and put it right in the bottle. Nothing is added. It is naturally packed with 46 nutrients like iron and zinc, antioxidants, electrolytes, and contains half the sugar of coconut water. It is a functional fuel for maple trees as they start to bloom every spring, so imagine the possibilities it holds for us! Unlike many sports drinks, the calorie content is extremely low, only 20 per serving, so you can really drink it throughout the day to reap all of the nutritional benefits.

Q. If you had to give advice to anyone chasing a dream, whether it be an athletic endeavor or starting a new business, what would it be?

A. I would say “live your passion.” Starting this company was hard work, and Jeff and I spend long hours working every single day. The fact that we love it and are passionate about what we are doing really makes the difficult stuff a lot easier.¬†The amount of time and effort we put into this¬†really reflects on our company and brand.


You can buy Maple Water online at drinkmaple.com/store/ . And make sure to follow them on twitter and instagram @drinkmaple !

Tattoo Tuesday

Many of our instructors have adorned themselves with their very own wearable art. For all of you wondering what the stories are behind these bodily masterpieces, we give you Tattoo Tuesday.


Katie Barrett‘s elephant tattoo is a constant reminder that the world is only as big as you let it be. After her freshman year of college, Katie took her first international trip to Scotland to visit her older sister who was there getting her master’s degree at the University of Edinburgh. In the heart of Edinburgh is a little coffee shop called The Elephant House. Inside, there are elephant figurines and pictures from every country. Katie and her sister went for brunch one day and sat at a table by the window with a view of Edinburgh castle. All of the furniture at The Elephant House are mismatched antique pieces. The table that the Barrett sisters sat at had a drawer full of letters and postcards from people every corner of the world. Katie wrote one and left it in the drawer and decided that she wanted a constant reminder of the feeling she had whenever she visited a distant place by getting¬†The Elephant House logo on her wrist. It has served as a good luck charm ever since!

Tattoo Tuesday

Many of our instructors have adorned themselves with their very own wearable art. For all of you wondering what the stories are behind these bodily masterpieces, we give you Tattoo Tuesday.


Kelly Whittaker‘s¬†anchor is a tribute to one of her best friends who passed away too soon.

“We always used to say “just keep swimming”, which is why I picked an anchor. It’s a daily reminder to me that no matter what happens, just keep swimming – things will get better!”

Back on the Bike after Baby

As many of you know, our very own Katie Andrews brought the first Recyclistiny into the world this spring. We wanted to share this Recycle Mama’s¬†journey back to the saddle and encourage all of those new moms out there to reclaim their rides!


While there are many aspects of being a new parent that you can prepare for by reading books, joining groups, or listening to friends, the actual experience of both giving birth (and what happens after) is really a mystery until you experience it. As any new mother will tell you, there is a lot of anxiety leading up to the day that your child is born, and little you can do to ready yourself for what is a monumental change.

But once that amazing birth-day arrives, the anxiety unfortunately doesn’t end. Are you going to co-sleep? Are you breastfeeding? Will your baby use organic diapers? Cloth? There are so many decisions to make, and it can easily feel overwhelming. So overwhelming in fact, that you focus all your energy on making everything perfect for the baby, and forget that caring for yourself is also a priority. (If you didn’t think it was, now is the time to MAKE it a priority). You can’t be a good parent to your child if you aren’t taking a moment for yourself – to recharge, refresh, and most importantly, take back your body that for the past 10 months has been rented out to a tiny but demanding little human.

Yes, what I’m telling you is, it’s time to get back in the saddle. Because I had a c-section (little guy was all tied up!), I was told that I couldn’t get back to my regular exercise until 8 weeks after my son, Benjamin, was born. To be honest, I was a bit relieved that a date was set for me – exactly 2 months after he was born, I signed up for my first spin class. Surely I could have started with something a bit less challenging, like couch aerobics, but I knew that the only way to begin to take back my body was to jump in, clips first.

But let me back it up a second and tell you how I got to that first ride…After having Ben, I could hardly walk, let alone consider exercise. A c-section is full abdominal surgery, and giving birth will leave your body equally changed, exhausted, aching, and unable to consider sitting on a spin bike. As much as I yearned to get back in the saddle, I knew I’d have to start slow.

Step 1: Walk around the block. No matter how fit you were during your pregnancy, your first step should always be walking around the block. See how it feels. Are you winded? Tired? Sore? I made it 2 blocks the first time before I had to turn around. Baby steps.

Step 2: Extend the walk and push the stroller.¬†Strollers are no joke. Pushing that thing, with Ben inside, for 10 minutes outside would cause me to need an extra afternoon nap. Don’t go too far from home before you turn around – if after a couple blocks you still feel good, go for another spin. But you don’t want to walk out too far then need to take a cab back (yes, I considered it once).

Step 3: Start doing some household activities that you probably asked your husband/friend/mother to do over the first week or two. 
My first days home I couldn’t reach high enough to put a plate away in a cabinet, lift the laundry basket, walk the dog or take out the trash. (Note: I wasn’t exactly complaining about missing these tasks and I was very lucky to have many helping hands.) However, resuming these day-to-day activities was a good barometer for how I was healing – the day I could reach a wine glass on my own was a real success :) Remember that every time you lift, bend, reach, and squat, you are working your body’s muscles and beginning to retrain them for exercise.

Step 4: Put your baby to work.¬†I was most paranoid about walking into my first Recycle class and making it about 30 seconds into the arm sequence before I dropped my weights. What I didn’t realize is: babies are heavy. When you lift them up from a chair, the crib, the changing table 382 times a day, you are working your arms, chest and back. Have you ever carried a car set with a baby in it? It’s no joke. Now take it in one arm and add a swinging motion so the infant inside stops screaming bloody murder and terrifying everyone in the elevator. Yeah – that’s like doing one-armed kettle bell swings with a 25 lb weight. Your baby is making you work every single day (as if you didn’t already know that!)

Step 5: Pull off the bandaid, sign up for a class, and reclaim your ride.¬†I swear I couldn’t sleep the night before my first ride back in the saddle because I was paranoid about humiliating myself. What if I couldn’t follow the choreography? What if I couldn’t hit a double time? Or even get out of the saddle? What if jumps went over my head or a climb was out of the question? Mostly I feared – what if my boobs start leaking during class????! I wore two sports bras, fed Ben right before I left, brought a swimming pool worth of water, and went to the studio. When I sat down to put my shoes on, they fit so much more comfortably than the last time I had worn them, almost 3 months before. I realized – the last time I had done this, I was 36 weeks pregnant (with swollen feet). Since then I have given birth, learned to breastfeed, stayed up nights crying in frustration, and spent mornings giggling into a crib at my newborn son. I have made decisions for him that I would never know were right or wrong, but were my responsibility to make. I have become a mother. And there was nothing in that studio, on that bike, in that class that that would hold a candle to the challenge I was already living. I strapped on those shoes and I ROCKED that ride. And I came home to my baby and told him….She’s baaaack!!!

This all took me 8 full weeks, but your timeline could be different. The most important thing to remember is that your body WILL come back. It will feel changed, different, and new but also STRONGER, FIERCER, and more POWERFUL than you realized possible. You made a tiny human – and that is the most amazing thing of all. If your body can do THAT, it can certainly push those pedals around, and return you back to the person you knew a year ago. With just one adorable difference.