Recyclist(as) of the Month: Allison O’Neil and Caitlin Crowe

Each month we will feature a Recyclist who comes into the studio and makes a positive change in his or her own life.  A person who inspires us and reminds us of our intentions for this studio.  Our bikes are stationary, but we are going places. 

Allison O’Neil and Caitlin Crowe are our co-Recyclistas of the month for February.  You may have noticed these busy ladies in early morning rides (yup, they are 5:30AM and 6AM regulars), and you may have wondered what motivates them to make time to sweat together before they head to the office.  Well, below is their story.  Maybe it will motivate you to grab a friend and make your next sweat social…even at sunrise!  Recycling is the new espresso, after all.

How you started working out together…

We share a history. Our start was our high school lacrosse team!

Allison – Caitlin is clearly older.  Ha!

Why do you find it more fun to workout together…

Caitlin –

How lucky am I?  Allison is always there to recycle with me.  As I told Allison recently, she is stuck with me!

Allison –

We meet on a street corner very early in the morning.  In three years, I have only stranded Caitlin once and it was not for a Recycle class.  In my defense, I was very sick.

There is no question that I am motivated to keep up with my pal.  I love the companionship and accountability.  We have grown so close as a result of our almost daily workouts and constant support of each other.

Does one help motivate the other more?

We are a great exercise team.

Allison would try anything (Forrest Yoga, hello medicine ball tossing/catch with a squat).  Caitlin gravitates toward anything “mainstream” (traditional road races, tennis lessons).  Allison is not afraid to sign up, purchase the equipment, and go (Caitlin needs a bit more convincing).  Caitlin keeps her eye on the weather to make sure our outdoor sports are safe. Caitlin has calm measured approach to fitness and working out.  We are competitive (enough).  We push each other with kindness and support.  We share the sheer joy of a great workout.  We laugh along the way – especially when the other gets called out in class by the instructor (for good and bad reasons)!

How you started spinning with us…

We found spinning on vacation – and after returning to Boston we heard Aly talking about Recycle Studio at Lululemon!  We immediately signed up.

What motivates you to workout even with your busy schedules?

We share a commitment to our health:  Working out is important!  Let’s face it, we want to feel and look good!

We are inclusive: We always encourage friends to join us – but are happy as clams when it’s just us.

We share a mutual respect: We have full schedules yet we always make time for each other.

Caitlin –

The best: Allison’s two daughters get to learn about the importance of taking care of your mind and body – from watching their super cool Mom.  It is a fun part of their Mom’s day – and it will be a fun part of their days!

Allison –

Caitlin’s positive outlook plus a great sweat is the perfect way to start the day.

Reasons why Recycle Studio is a perfect fit for us…

We love supporting Cate, her studio, and our instructors.  We’ve made new friends (instructors and fellow riders), watched a new business thrive (yeah!), and have enjoyed our City at a whole time of day (before sunrise)!  Recycling makes us very happy.


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