Recyclist of the Month: Nilda Martin

Each month we will feature a Recyclist who comes into the studio and makes a positive change in his or her own life. A person who inspires us and reminds us of our intentions for this studio. Our bikes are stationary, but we are going places.

Meet Nilda Martin – Recycle Studio Dawn Patroller, creative business owner, inspirational mother, supportive wife with a hot husband she wants to age gracefully with 😉 , strong woman…and now May’s Recyclist of the month!  We are thrilled to be able to share her story with you.

My RECYCLE story is a simple love story…I have been spinning with the ladies early in the morning – mostly Rachele, Katie and Christina – for over a year and my classes have quickly become a weekly highlight.  My answers below are not impartial, but I think most people who have tried a couple classes would agree that RECYCLE is a special place that kicks your ass. My spirit and my body have never been the same.  I have yet to have a bad day in the studio and it has transformed the way I look at exercising and bikes. (Hell, I have had a lifelong hate-hate relationship with bikes.  It involves crashing into a low hanging tree branch at full speed when I was ten and just being an overall spaz. The concept of braking is still a mystery.)  However, I can now say I love bikes. Well, maybe just stationary ones…

How you started spinning with us… I kept walking by your studio and looked you guys up.  Since I practice a lot of yoga and was bored with my workouts, I was curious about your holistic approach to spin.  Basically the candlelit space sealed the deal.  I have been hooked since my first class of hills with Rachele.

What motivates you to workout even with your busy schedule? Confession: I’m addicted to movement and am lucky to wake up with tons of energy – too much sometimes.  If I don’t shake some of it out, I drive all my loved ones crazy. Ultimately, I want to be a good role model for my 14-year old daughter.  I want her to see that it’s an amazing thing to be a strong and vibrant woman – that if you just show up for yourself and put in the work, everything else follows.

Truthfully, all the good girl stuff aside, I’m just really vain J – I want to age gracefully with strength and humor. And I have a very handsome husband, so at the very least, I am trying to keep it all together for him.

RECYCLE is the fountain of youth!

Top 5 reasons you love spinning at RS… 

1. IT’S CRAZY FUN – I love to sing and dance. I do both on the bike (sorry to my neighbors). I was too young to be a Solid Gold dancer so I am always trying to recapture that fantasy. Sad, but true. Every hill, jump, single tap, and push-up appeals to my inner Latina… Move, groove and sing. The only thing missing is a glitter dispenser (Which I am happy to gift if you feel like you want one. We could mix it in with the hand sanitizer.)

2. IT FEELS GOOD. I have an intense and complicated life (Too long to get into in a blog post), but as a result I NEED to feel alive – to feel strong, to feel the burn, to feel the afterglow.  Nothing makes you feel this good that isn’t illegal or doesn’t require my husband (Can I say that?).

3. NO MATTER WHAT, YOU HAVE TO COME READY TO WORK “IT” OUT. RECYCLE has become a necessary therapeutic tool. Good day, bad day, it doesn’t matter.  You break me down in the most beautiful way – I am vulnerable in the am – full of ideas, lists, thinking of all the things I want and wish for myself, my clients, my family, my friends. In the studio, I show up in my glasses, hair in a bun, no cha-cha heels or skinny jeans, no thoughts of worry or insecurities, and you remind me, mostly challenge me to BREATH and FOCUS on the right now. I leave used up, refreshed and ready for the day.  Every class feeds my creativity and clears the way for transformation both mental and physical.

4. GRATITUDE – Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You help me reflect on the most special moments and people in my life. As I told Christina a couple weeks ago, the playlists are a trip down memory lane – First kiss, Birth of my daughter, Wedding Song, Break-ups, An Embarrassing Night Out, etc.  I am so grateful for every opportunity and for every amazing person in my life.  Each song helps me remember those moments and people. It’s really kind of creepy how that happens.  You know a song is good when you want to grab someone’s hand and go boogie or you laugh out loud because the last time you heard it you were up to no good. RECYCLE does it every time except no hand to grab just a mental cue to dig deeper and push harder on the bike.

5. GRRRL POWER – Ready. No laughing.  I will reveal my mantra… “I am smart. I am beautiful.  I am kind. I am fearless. I’m a girl.” I say this in the mirror most mornings. TMI, but whatever.  This girl co-owns an amazing business, gets to live her dream and gets paid for it. In addition, because I’m in the design field I revere and get inspired by beautifully packaged things with real substance, form and function.

RECYCLE has it all.  I love strong women. I LOVE supporting other girls building businesses and communities, living their respective dreams. Cate + her team are true examples of doing what you love and executing with excellence. They coach us with such patience and I leave feeling a little stronger, a little sexier and a little more open each time. Not to mention, the bodies, the brains and the beauty present is unparalleled.  These girls are badasses.

Favorite moment in the studio this month…  I’m dramatic by nature so I pretty much have a moment every class, lol. But always my favorite times in the studio are when I bring my Dad.  He is such an inspiration. He loves Christina’s class so whenever he’s in town, we try and make it a date.  It’s an amazing thing to share with someone you love so much. It makes the extraordinary even a little more special.


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