Recyclist of the Month: Denva Jackson

Each month we will feature a Recyclist who comes into the studio and makes a positive change in his or her own life. A person who inspires us and reminds us of our intentions for this studio. Our bikes are stationary, but we are going places.

Meet Denva Jackson:

How you started spinning with us…
A very dear friend of mine, Diana, recommended the studio. I had gone through a pretty bad break-up earlier in the year and it was being active that grounded me and provided me with a sense of mastery. I took my first Recycle class with Christina and there was no looking back. I loved the music, the energy, the passion and the drive. I also loved that women were empowering other women to bring all of it on the bike and leave totally fresh, alive, and invigorated.

What motivates you to workout even with your busy schedule?  
I am committed to engaging in activities that make me feel alive and help me connect with my body. I am currently in academia and being in my head all day can be overwhelming. I cherish the moments when I leave all judgment of the day behind and focus in on the success of being on the bike. I leave all limitations and limiting thinking behind.
 I have come to see Recycle as a community in which I can be my authentic self. Where else can I dance to Justin Bieber? Wait. Even admit to LIKING one of Justin Bieber’s songs? It is a place where I can connect to my inner athlete. It is a place where I can come home to my body and rest my brain.
What is Denva up to when she’s not Recycling?
Whether I’m running through Harvard’s campus, on a bike ride to Walden Pond or experimenting with new Italian meals in the kitchen, I’m always up to something!

Denva’s homemade panzanella!

The top 5 reasons you love spinning at RS…
  1. The instructors. They push you to the limit and they don’t let you hide. You know from their head bopping and shoulder popping that they are having as much fun as you are.
  2. The music. Wait. This isn’t Saturday night out at the club? My bad.
  3. The focus on setting an intention. I appreciate that when we come to the bike we do so with an intention. It is grounding. I know that this is a different space. I am no longer at the library.  I am in a place where the only expectations that I put on myself are the ones of my choosing.
  4. The community. Once you tap into the community, you realize that everyone there from instructors to students are trying to live their best life. People readily share tips and encouraging words. Once you feel recycled, you’re always at your best.
  5. The dark, cavern of intensity, i.e. the studio. I love how the lights are low and you get into your flow.
Favorite moment in the studio this month…
Doing two of Christina’s classes in one day WITHOUT dropping weights. Also, when I had the honor to sub for Meredith a few weeks ago. We had so much fun!



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