Ride to Ride: Hubway Review

Why do we love Hubway? Let us count the ways…

The corner of West Newton and Tremont is where you will find the closest Hubway station to Recycle.

Hubway is the first and only bike sharing system in the Metro-Boston area, offering residents a brand-new way to get around the city. There are annual, 3-day and 24-hour passes, giving you access to any of Hubway’s 65+ stations in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and Brookline.

Michelle knows the best way to beat afternoon rush-hour traffic #ridetoride

With 24-hour passes for only $5 and beautiful fall weather, there’s no reason not to ride to your next ride! For more information on Hubway memberships and locations, head over to their website. We’ll be snapping pictures of Recyclists who #ridetoride and posting them to our Twitter – will you be featured next?

PS – The City of Boston is offering Women’s Bicycling Workshops starting next week. Check ’em out if you’re new to riding in the city.


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