Recyclist(s) of the Month: Nadege Roscoe-Rumjahn & Mike Mee

Each month we will feature a Recyclist who comes into the studio and makes a positive change in his or her own life. A person who inspires us and reminds us of our intentions for this studio. Our bikes are stationary, but we are going places.

Meet Nadege & Mike, another great Recycle Studio couple. You’ve undoubtedly seen them around the studio, whether they are spinning it out downstairs or upstairs building muscle with Christina. They’ve both been with us from the very beginning and have never looked back. Take a look at their story!

Fitness life before Recycle…
adege: “Mike has been super athletic his whole life, he used to figure skate and was top ranked at the Canadian national level (bet you never would have guessed that, eh?) and when he stopped skating and moved down to Boston to start his Ph.D three years ago, his routine drastically slowed.
When I graduated from school in Italy and moved to Boston I was in search of a healthier lifestyle and a general change in habits.  I have always joined gyms, committed to a routine for a month or two and slowly stopped going because I was bored and unmotivated to run on a treadmill and lift weights.  The only thing I had ever really done and liked were several spinning classes (by no means frequent) when I was in high-school. My distant ‘ex-spinning’ life had somehow evolved in my head over the years into a romanticized version of what I was really searching for in a class, an idea I could never seem to find (enter Recycle!)…”

How your found the Studio…
Nadege: Mike and I love walking around different neighborhoods checking out new places to eat and shops to peruse and luckily the South End is one of the best places to do this!  When Recycle opened, Mike immediately told me and we signed up for a class.  I was really excited because ‘I loved spinning’ (even though I had never really experienced true spinning, until Recycle) and also because Mike and I could do it together.  We walked in that very rainy Wednesday morning for Rachele’s class and were greeted by both Rachele and Cate. That first class was AMAZING (and I almost died), it was way better than any ideal fantasy I had built up from my past. I was hooked.  Mike on the other hand was depressed for 3 hours, because he realized how out of shape he had become (which in true athlete style, pushed him to shift things back into gear!)

Off the bike workouts…
Mike: “With Christina we complement the workout we get on the bike by focusing on core, even more arms (who know 2lbs could be so hard – we heard a rumor 3 lbs weighs may be on the way…!) and all those muscles we didn’t even know we had. The first day we started with her, we definitely feared the next hour as she pulled out torture device after torture device (what Christina calls equipment). It turns out that they weren’t as bad as they looked. It was great to learn all the exercises that are effective full body workouts and easy to do at home.  One of the best parts of working out with Christina are the laughs we share between the second and third sets as we try and stall to give our quivering muscles a chance to recover.”

Rapid Fire…

1. Favorite move on the bike
Nadege: Booty taps!
Mike: Isolation in 2nd position with no hands.
2. Favorite spin song (of the moment)
Nadege: My Body – Young the Giant
Mike: Wicked Game (Promonova Remix) by Chris Isaak
3. Post-workout indulgence
Nadege: an iced americano from Render Coffee on Columbus (check it out)!!
Mike: Nadege’s amazing smoothies!

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