Introducing: Reboot Buff Ride!


You have questions about the NEW Reboot Buff Ride?  We have answers!
We sat down with Katie B to chat about the Reboot Buff Ride which is making its debut this Tuesday at 7pm.  Katie is going to be the first RS instructor to teach this style so we were excited to hear her take on it.
Q: What exactly is a Reboot Buff Ride?
A:  Reboot Buff Ride is a 60 minute Reboot Ride that includes 3 tracks with arm weights. It’s designed for those looking to add some extra toning into their routines.
Q: What was the inspiration behind the Reboot Buff Ride?
A: At Recycle, we are always looking for new ways to challenge riders and help them reach the next level of fitness. We wanted to introduce a ride with an even more intense arm burn, prepping that upper body so that riders are ready to show off in their sleeveless shirts come Memorial Day…and wedding season!
Q: What’s your favorite arm move to do on the bike?
A: Double time arm pumps! There is something about pumping the handlebars to a quick beat that gets my entire body fired up.
Q: We always see you rocking 4lb weights: What advice do you have for Recyclists who are stuck in the 2lb safe haven?
A: Just grab them! Start with the 4 lb weights, but keep the 2 lb weights nearby so you can switch if your arms get too tired. Challenge yourself in each class, but remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.
Q: Favorite arm move off the bike?
A: I’ve got to go with the classic push-up. People often think of this move as cruel and unusual punishment, but the truth is, push-ups work almost every muscle in your body. Chest, back, abs and arms are all involved in this tried and true exercise. Start from your knees and work your way up. Soon enough you will be able to drop and give me 20!
See you in the saddle Tuesdays at 7pm at RSBC for some serious burn!

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