Q&A w/ Kelly Whittaker

You’ve surely seen this fit chick riding next to you in class or signing riders in at the front desk. Meet one of our newest graduates of the RS Mentorship Program, Kelly Whittaker. Not only is Kelly a badass on the bike, this girl also crushed this year’s Boston Marathon! Catch her on Sundays at noon at RS Boston Common for a $10 Community Cash Class.

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If I’m not in the studio, you’ll find me… running through the city somewhere! I am a marathon/half marathon runner, and usually training for an upcoming race. When the weather is nice out, some of my favorite spots to run are along the Esplanade and by the water in Southie, where I live. Running is one of my favorite ways to explore the city! If I’m not working out, I’m usually trying out a new restaurant or bar… All of that working out makes a girl hungry!

If I had to choose a single artist for a playlist, it would be… Beyonce! There’s not a single song by Bey that doesn’t make me want to dance on the bike… and her fierceness is contagious.

If I had to pick a favorite move on the bike, it would be… isolations in third. I love cranking the resistance and using my legs to power through hills. The burn is a good thing – it means I’m getting stronger!

My favorite drink on a night out… A Sam Summer! I’m a beer girl, and Sam just reminds me of everything I love about summer – baseball games, the beach, etc. So refreshing!

My favorite pre-workout snack… I usually workout early in the morning, so at 5:30 or 6 in the morning I keep it simple – coffee and a banana! For later workouts, I love protein-packed yogurt and granola for  that boost of energy I need to power through climbs and sprints. Post-workout, I have an full-on addiction to The Ripe Stuff Firefly cashew milk… so good!

My goal for my rides… to leave it all on the bike and have an awesome time doing it! I love using powerful songs and beats to push it on hills and sprints, and there’s nothing like the feeling of the whole room riding to the same beat together. I want to inspire all my riders to push themselves out of their comfort zone!

My goal for myself… to become a stronger rider and motivator with each ride I lead, and to inspire others to be the best athletes they can be.

Quote I live by… “Fortune favors the bold.” If we don’t break out of our comfort zone, we will never know how great we can be!

Best advice I’ve ever been given… to enjoy the journey, not just the destination. It is so easy to focus on end results, we forget the best part can sometimes be the work it takes to get there.



Have you tried Reflex Yoga yet?

In case you haven’t noticed, we are now giving you 5 chances a week to stretch and flow with our in-house yogi, Aly Raymer. We wanted to give you a little more information about Aly’s journey and why Reflex is a perfect addition to your Recycle routine.
Q. How did you first fall in love with yoga?
A. I first fell in love with yoga when I was facing sleeping issues my junior year in college. I sort of fell off of the practice until I moved home and started training at YAS in Orange County. I fell in love with the concept that yoga is truly for everyone. I loved the simplicity of power yoga and how it not only challenged me physically, but built up my mental strength.
Q. Why did you decide to get your teaching certification?
A. I decided to get my certification because I knew that this was a passion that was worth sharing and investing in. In order to fully offer my students the benefits of yoga, I needed to prepare and learn as much as possible.
Q. What do you want your students to get out of your classes?
A. I want my students to feel better mentally and physically. We are hard on our bodies and yoga really does a body good. From stretching in all the right places to mentally calming the senses, we can totally change our day and body through the practice of yoga.
Q. What makes yoga at RS different than anywhere else?
A. Our students will walk out feeling the same way they do when they get off the bike: recycled, renewed and better about themselves. I sequence my classes to cater to an athletes body (we are all athletes when we sweat!). I know what it feels like to push the body’s physical limits, so I can truly give the students what they need on the mat. Strengthening, core work and a good deep stretch are always on the agenda. We heat the room, turn up the music and light the candles. It truly is Recycle Yoga.

Studio Sack Confessions!


Ever wonder what your favorite instructor is toting around in her studio sack? We caught up with feisty instructor, Denva Jackson, who let us take a peek into her gym bag and shared all of her essentials for her busy day as a Recyclista on the go.


The goods:

  • Deep Clean Cleansing Wipes are must to remove the sweat Denva works up booty tappin’.
  • SPF to protect her skin (even on the cloudiest days of March).
  • Denva likes to gauge her exertion with a Polar Heart rate Monitor. It lets her know when to push a little more or if her fitness is improving (which it always is!). She likes to be somewhere above 150 when teaching a class. Gotta push it to the limit!
  • Singer’s Voice Throat Spray protects her voice so we can all hear her words of motivation on the bike.
  • Denva’s red BKR Bottle is one of her prized possessions. It is glass, eco friendly, and the sleeve colors are rad.
  • Not pictured but essential to tame her mane: Devacurl hair products….not only for fros but curlies too!

Q&A with Melinda Sarkis

Photo Credit: Yoon S. Byun/Boston Globe

If I’m not in the studio you’ll find me… Selling residential real estate for Hammond Residential in the heart of the city, working out, raising money and spreading STROKE awareness for Tedy’s Team or traveling to some far away place. Basically enjoying my life!

If I’m not in spandex and cycling shoes… I’m wearing Valentino & H&M, Dolce Gabanna & Forever 21 or Cavalli & Target! Yup, I’m a mixer!!

My favorite drink on a night out… Bubbles of course! Depending on what season…it is a BIG glass of Pinot Noir in the winter or a cold glass of Gewurztraminer in the summer.

If I had to make a single artist playlist… HMMM?? I have to choose ONE? I’m all over the road… it just depends what mood I’m in, so I guess I’d have to say Morgan Page.

If I had to pick a favorite move… Slow and steady wins the race with me so it has gotta be one big, long, GRUELING hill. They ground me and remind me to always strive to be strong, mentally and physically.

My favorite pre-workout snack… Snack? Who the heck eats at 5:15am?? At that time all I can deal with is coffee, then its a Luna Bar and some Vita Coco afterwards!

My goal for my rides… To not be an instructor, but to be a teacher! To give ’em a hardcore workout that is inspirational both mentally and physically, to keep ‘m safe, to make ’em laugh and most importantly to have them leave better off than when they arrived and wanting MORE!!!! 😉

My goal for myself… to NEVER SETTLE, to trust my instinct, and when the going gets tough… just breathe!

Quote I live by… “If you really want to do something you will, otherwise you’ll make an excuse.” No excuses!

Best advice I’ve gotten…” Live your life the rest will follow.”

Want to know more?  You can catch Melinda in the studio on Monday mornings for her Reboot Climb Ride at 6:00 & 7:15.  

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Q&A with Rachele Pojednic

If I’m not in the studio you’ll find me… In the lab at Tufts…studying people on bikes.

If I’m not in spandex and cycling shoes… I’m working really hard to be a professional and rock the “big girl” clothes, but to be totally honest you’ll most likely find me in a pair of jeans and a hoodie!

My favorite drink on a night out…  An ice cold, super hoppy IPA.  My fav right now is “The Heady Topper” from the Alchemist Brewery in Waterbury, VT.

If I had to make a single artist playlist… Oooh, tough one.  I think I’m gonna go old-school here and queue up some Madonna.  No denying, the Material Girl is fierce!

If I had to pick a favorite move… Do you even have to ask?  One. Big. Hill.

My favorite pre-workout snack…  Uh, pre-workout for me is 4:45am.  Coffee?

My goal for my rides…

To strengthen my riders from the inside out.  Those hills are just as good for the legs as they are for your mind.  If you can take yourself to the edge of that cliff and back again with clarity, you can do anything.

My goal for myself…To strive for excellence in all that I do.  I don’t ever want to do anything half-way.

Quote I live by… “The trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.” – Erica Jong

Best advice I’ve gotten… Surround yourself with people that are smarter than you…and you will never stop learning.  (Thanks, Me`mere)

Still want to know more about Rachele?  Check out her blog: www.strong-process.com


Q&A with Katie Andrews

If I’m not in the studio you’ll find me… Is this a trick question? What day of the week is it?? I could be holed-up in Sackler library at Tufts Medical, inside the Jaharis building of the Friedman school where I am finishing my MS, in the food lab at Simmons College, doing rounds with the dietitians at Dana-Farber, or on my way back from Boston public schools after working as a research assistant for the GREEN Lunch Box study. Your guess is as good as mine!

If I’m not in spandex and cycling shoes… I like to throw on a pair of high heels! Graduate students don’t tend to get overly dressed for long days of lectures, so once I’m out of the classroom/studio I like to play dress up a bit.

My favorite drink on a night out… I mean, I’m the kinda girl who likes to rotate my cocktails on a seasonal basis. On cold, winter nights, a dirty vodka martini can warm you right up, but then again, hot mulled cider with rum is perfect for in front of the fire.

If I had to make a single artist playlist… Everyone knows Foo Fighters has a special place in my heart. But it would be hard to Rerock without Mumford, Bruce, and some old school Rage.

If I had to pick a favorite move… That long, grueling hill. It gives me a moment to find my rhythm and power to the top. A double song attack is even better – I just love that feeling when you reach the top and get to sprint down the other side!

My favorite pre-workout snack… In the morning, a mini Larabar or Kind bar does the trick before class. In the evening when there is a bit more time before class, whole wheat toast with Barney Butter (the BEST almond butter of all time!), banana or pear slices and ground cinnamon. And a whole lotta H2O.

Barney Butter – recommended by the Aspiring RD herself!

My goal for my rides…
To make you smile. Yes, our rides are challenging. Yes, you are going to sweat right through that shirt. But this should also be the part of your day that you look forward to. If I didn’t love every minute I spent in the studio, I wouldn’t be good at my job.

My goal for myself… To always bring the challenge. The talented riders at Recycle keep me on my A-game at all times! Even when I’ve had a rough day in class, in the lab, at the hospital, I still have to walk in and deliver a killer class. No excuses.

Quote I live by… “It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.”

Best advice I’ve gotten… If you aren’t happy with your life, change it. There is no time for regrets.

Q&A with Christina Lodde

If I’m not in the studio you’ll find me… Either downtown where I work at PricewaterhouseCoopers, in Union Square, Somerville where I personal train and teach classes at Corpbasics Fitness and Training Club, or home in Back Bay.

If I’m not in spandex and cycling shoes… I may be business casual but I want to be in luon and flip flops. Im addicted to lululemon!

My favorite drink on a night out… Currently pumpkin beer. Shipyard pumpkin in a glass with a sugar rim on a Friday night after a long week = heaven.

My favorite pre-workout snack… It depends on the time of day but most likely I’ll have some kind of protein bar (SnackWell’s Protein Cereal Bar or good old Clif Bar), greek yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, almonds, and/or a banana. I have to eat something before working out, no matter what time of day.

If I had to make a single artist playlist… One guess….the King of Pop, the Gloved One, Mr. Michael Jackson!

If I had to pick a favorite move… Arm Pumps – dip it low! Not only do they burn those arms but they allow you to get your groove on!

My goal for my rides… For everyone to ride with freedom from inhibitions, letting go of all the stresses outside the studio, sweating hard, being vulnerable enough to get breathless, all while having fun!!

My goal for myself… To keep up with the riders in my class! They inspire me to push myself harder and faster. Have you seen the puddle under my bike after class?!! I swear there is a leak in the ceiling!

Quote I live by… Work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt, and dance like no one is watching.”

Best advice I’ve gotten… Find something that you are passionate about and do it for a living. If you succeed you will never have to work a day in your life.